Friday, April 22, 2005

Pass the Brownies, But Hold the E-mail

Ok, so a British Journal is reporting that using e-mail actually makes you dumber. Apparently more dumberer than if you use pot (sorry for the gramatical errors, I've been using my e-mail a lot lately).

They also mention that e-mail has "an addictive, drug-like grip".

Ok.... I think what we need here is for congress to spring into action. We need a war on e-mail. I can see it now. Pushers with black berries or PDAs, standing on a corner. A dark car pulls up, "Hey buddy, want to forward a chain-letter about the Mrs. Fields cookie recipe?" Money is exchanged, the e-mail is sent. The user drives away, just a tad bit stoopider because he has used this mind numbing program.

Wow, that would make for an exciting television drama. The Geeks in the Hood.


Maria said...

Word up G! If using e-mail makes you dumb, well than...wait, I've lost my point. Anyhoo, e-mail is good; I check mine at least 56 times a day. It comprises most of my social life (because I am a geek in the cyber-hood).

Sylvana said...

That is so funny! I could totally see them doing that on Kids in the Hall (if only it were still around *sigh*).

sideshow bob said...

Proper email etiquette: click, click, pass.