Thursday, August 25, 2005


The uncyclopedia article of the day. Lederhosen.

And for months I've thought about what my first input might be to wikipedia. What piece of informational nugget might I grace the world with? I had grand plans but things went awry when I came across the wikibook entitled, "A guide to cheating during tests and examinations". The temptation was too great. I added my own two cents when I realized that nothing had been submitted under the heading "Application of Codes". I don't know if my entry will stick. I don't even know if the book will be there much longer, but you can read here while it lasts.

And in case it gets pulled down, for the record, this was my first input to the glorious collaborative effort of wikipedia:

Application of codes

Prior to an examination, you can establish a code with a smarter classmate. A cough might mean, "What is the answer to question 1?" And a sneeze in reply might mean, "The Boston Tea Party". The biggest problem with codes is the number of bodily functions that can be performed during an examination are limited. Essay tests can prove to be particularly tricky, while multiple choice tests are much better suited for the 'code' approach.

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