Saturday, October 08, 2005

We can do that...

Twice in the last week, while converting online courses to open courses, we've run into the snag of intellectual property issues. And both times the instructor has said, “Why don't we just produce some alternative material ourselves?”

In both cases, it looks like we just might be able to do this.

I hope this is a trend we see more of. There are all sorts of little pieces of copyrighted material out there that somebody is making a few dollars off of. They are not a feature length movies, they are not four volume set of books. There are little clips of audio here, and cheaply made videos there. But they are held out of the public domain because that is just how it's always been done. But if our school makes a few things, and other schools makes a few things, and this sharing happens over and over again, we will soon have a nice library of material that all can benefit from.

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