Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I get deep into school, and just can't get around to posting to my blog.

I've had a class on problem-based learning this semester, and while there is a bit (only a bit) of research on problem based learning and writing, there are some methods with very close parallels; process-based writing seems to be the closest.

But now I'm looking at model centered instruction as maybe a theory that gives a little bit more room. It has similar characteristics to PBL, but it has a bit more flexibility.

I'm also excited, as I've been doing research into the teaching of writing, that a wiki could really be a powerful tool in teaching, and producing, good writing. Many of the theories and methods of teaching writing rely on constructivist approaches and communication between the reader and the writer. I think the wiki could facilitate this process.

Anyway, more to come after final papers and projects are in.

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Kami said...


You are still me best resource for the most current IT information for a grad student. You are amazing, it looks like you have had a productive semester. I have been pulling my hair out in my most stressful semester ever. Choosing AR as a dissertation topic have proven to be incredibly stressful as I sit at the base of a VERY steep learning curve. Oh well.