Thursday, May 11, 2006

Utah Dodged a Bullet

That was close.

Utah had proposed three designs for it's commemorative quarter. All three can be seen here.

Usually when they have these kinds of contests, I don't really care what wins. I'm pretty laid back, and usually whatever makes it to the finals is pretty good. But when I saw these three designs, I couldn't help but really, really dislike two of them. The snowboarder design is nothing more than one big advertisement for the ski industry. Besides, the boarder doesn't look like he's catching air time, he looks more like he's just been hit by a steam roller. Are knees supposed to bend like that?

And the beehive, while very recognizable to folks here in Utah, is just going to be misunderstood by those 'abroad'. I can overhear the conversation in millions of homes across the country.

"Honey, why did those Utahns pick a cow pie to put on the back of their quarter?"

Luckily, where the first two failed miserably, the third one hit the nail, or rather the spike, right on the head. It's a nice design visually, it reminds people of our pioneer heritage, and best of all, promontory is in my backyard.

Anyway, the good governor has made the right decision. Hopefully he'll like how it feels, and decide to do it more often...


soulglo said...

I think Utah left out the best quarter of all: The polygamist hair braid.

Al said...

I totally agree! I hated the snowboarder and beehive, but rather liked the Golden Spike. Pretty funny that they crashed the trains into each other after this year's re-enactment:


Tatiana said...


Hello! Long time no see/talk. Since that time in Walmart. I found the link to you blog on Kami's blog, the one she never updates, however, I'm persuaded to think she has another one that is not listed on the dental hygiene "member" page. Anyhow, I must agree with the one that was chosen as well. However, me being a snowboarder, I did like the snowboarder, who was a female I might add, and yes knees can bend that way! None the less, I chose the Golden Spike because of the fact that it is a much better representation of our state's history. Just thought I'd share my thought on the quarter.