Friday, June 16, 2006

Picasa Online

I've been using Picasa to manage my photos for at least a year now. Now they have an online feature to it. I just got an invitation, and it pretty slick.

I'm off to write them and request that they add a creative commons license to the list of options

For anybody interested, you can see my online album here. Not a lot there right now, but it may grow.


Anonymous said...

So are you transferring stuff over from Flickr? I am torn about whether or not to make the switch because I, too, use Picasa on my local machine. But freeloaders like myself are quick to observe that Google offers a fixed 250 MB for free, while Flickr offers 10 MB per month. But then again, when has anyone ever run out of space with Google? I could see them adding more space later. Who knows where we'll be in two years...

Matthew Buckley said...

I don't think I'll move things over. I love Flickr, and may even post things in both places. But putting them up on picasa sure is a breeze... And the 250 MB is the equivalent of two years what I'd get over at Flickr, and by that time Google will have given everybody a petabyte of storage or something... :)