Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Google Notebook

At work I help build USU OCW and we are building a nice library of content that can be used as is, or reused to fit your needs. But how hard is it to reuse the material we have put in our system? Will an entire course fit your exact needs? Or is our material simply a piece to a larger puzzle? A puzzle you are putting together with pieces pulled from all over the web?

I came across a tool that can make use and reuse a lot simpler. Google Notebooks allows you to keep notes while you wander the internet. What makes this tool nice is you can copy entire sections from web sites, add your notes, and then make the notes public. So if you are putting together some training on flowers, and you’d like to include our video segments on annuals and perennials, you can copy and paste our schedule into your notebook, add your own thoughts, add the rest of your material, and then share with it with the world.

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