Thursday, March 08, 2007

Student Projects pt. 1

I teach a class at USU with David Wiley. The class is an instructional design projects class. We broke up the course into three groups, and asked them to create a project that met three objectives.

1 - teaches something
2 - Is cool
3- Uses open content (in other words, content that can be used and reused by anybody.

Each group did a fantastic job, and I thought I'd show them off here.

The first project is Open Water. When a natural disaster strikes, there are initial deaths caused by the disaster itself, but there are often more deaths caused by the aftermath. One of the first problems is the lack of fresh water. So this group created a site that teaches you how to purify water.

The web design, the pictures, the video, it's all 'open'. They could not have created the video unless folks were willing to share the resources they had created. A powerful testament to the idea of 'openness'. Don't forget to check out the video.

I'll post the other ones over the next few days.

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