Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm a cheap old man...

So, we went to the store today, and I thought it would be fun to get a few fireworks. They had a big pack of fireworks called the 'Big Bubba' for $232, or there were some snaps and those flower thingies.

So I bought each of the kids a whole box of snaps (when I was little, we just got 2 individual snaps, and we had to share one with a brother). And then I got a pack of flower spinny things. The total came to $.72.

That's right. Seventy two cents.

So my wife is making fun of how cheap I am. But, we had at least 20 minutes of fun. The kids snapped for a while, threw them at each other, dropped them from high places, broke them between their fingers. Good times.

Then came the flowers. We lit one and went "wow". Then, call us crazy, WE LIT TWO AT THE SAME TIME! All we could say was "wow wow!" We would have lit three in a row, but there were only four in the pack so we lit the last one and all cheered.

Then, since we had matches, and it's the 4th, we lit the last few snaps on fire. We started a little match/snap bonfire, and I let all the kids light matches (they were out of sparklers). They would light the match, blow it out, and come back for more. My three year old almost lit my shirt on fire, but other than that, it was a roaring success.

All for 72 pennies. Tell me, how could Big Bubba had given us any more entertainment?


G. Parker said...

Works for me!! You crack me up. My kids had to go buy a big bag of the smoker ones...ugh. I said don't light them while the attic fan is on...a house smelling like that is NOT what I call fun.
Sounds like it was a good one...LOL

Brooke said...

That is so funny! What my family does is everybody gets all these big pack of fireworks and then we all get together and light them, almost all at once. And I get so bored, and there is always soooo much smoke. So I like your idea so much better