Monday, November 05, 2007


I was in Wal-Mart yesterday filling a prescription for my sick infant. I noticed a sign that I assumed was a joke. Then I saw similar sign today, and discovered that in fact it is no joke. It's a Utah Law. Has been since 1935, apparently.

To what am I referring?

Apparently you can not purchase alcohol on election day. It's forbidden. No drinks for you!

I guess I can see the rational. I mean we have important issues on the line, right? Who will lead us? Which propositions will pass? We can't have people making these kind of decisions when they're all liquored up, right?

On the other hand, is there more successful in driving a person to drink than politics? I have never tasted spirits in all of my life, but this mess over school vouchers has driven me closer to drink than any other issue. If I hear one more story about sign stealing, or the NEA, or the woes of public schools, I swear I'm going to drive to the nearest store and buy whatever makes the voices stop.

So, if you're planning on picking up a six pack, better do it today. Tomorrow you're out of luck.


G. Parker said...

That's right...I remember hearing that somewhere. What a hoot. Only in Utah, right?? OR do you think it's in other states too? Anyway...good luck voting!

Titus Todd said...

Haven't heard that one before. Interesting. Now I'll have to see if that exists here in Texas.

...Nope. I actually found a web site with a table that lists those states where bars are closed on election day ( DE, IN, KY, PA and SC do not allow bars to be open on election day. Some states are listed for local determination - GA, MN and OK. Idaho and West Virginia show LIQ but I do not know what that means.