Friday, December 14, 2007

Taking Lawrence to Task

So I've veered into the dangerous realm of politics before on this blog, and now I'm veering into the dangerous world of religion and politics.

I'm a Mormon. My first choice for president is not Mitt Romney (go Ron Paul), but I can't help to be a little offended when someone attacks the Mormon religion simply for political reasons. Lawrence O'Donnell went on a tirade during the most recent McLaughlin Group, in what can only be described as simple religious bigotry. You can see his little speech here.

I won't ask the obvious question like what if he had said this about Jews, or about Catholics. Instead, I can't help but point you to this interview on the Hugh Hewitt radio program. Mr. Hewitt asks Lawrence exactly the same question I would have asked him, had he made those same comments about any religion.

I thought about quoting some of Mr. Hewitts post here, but there is just so much good stuff, you really should read the whole thing.


Carole Thayne said...

Thanks for sharing this insightful interview. CRAZY stuff. I don't plan on voting for Romney, since I'm not a Republican and don't share his political views, but I have more respect for him after the speech.

Corrine said...

I love the McLaughlin group!

Sounds like this guy watched the Godmakers (stumbled on it on YouTube the other day and stopped watching, it was long and well just wrong and sacrilege in every way) and thinks he is now a Mormon historian. It would kind of be like studying up on Nazi literature and thinking you know all about the Jews. Just to make the comparison, and bring Hitler into it because well that wins every argument, right? ;)

On another note, I thought Romney's speech was good. But I do wish we could turn the election into something like Singled Out, where we can't see the men and lady behind the panel, and just ask them questions and then choose the best one at the end of the rounds. What do you say MTV?

Matthew Buckley said...

By Golly, I think you're on to something, Corrine. We could hire actors to give their speeches for them, but you wouldn't know which actor represents which candidate. We could run it like American Idol, where voters call in and vote somebody off the stage.

Winner becomes the leader of the free world.