Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm famous

That's right. I didn't become famous when I wrote two books and got them published, but I'm famous now.

If you happen to be scrolling around Northern Utah on Google Maps, and find yourself looking at ATK Thiokol, and then click on the 'more' button, and then click on the 'photos' box, you will see a picture taken by none other than yours truly. That's right, I may as well put 'photographer' on my business card. Client: Google.

Here is the link, if you don't want to go hunting.

Author, photographer, I can do it all. And if you upload your pics to panoramio, you can do it too.


G. Parker said...

LOL Hey -- they need to put your name with it, don't they? I've also tagged you on my blog. Want to come play?

Titus Todd said...

Actually, it looks like a couple of your other photos are also showing up on Google Earth and have been clicked on more often.