Thursday, March 26, 2009


An epic showdown!

In this corner, we have Academic Earth. "Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars." Looks sharp. Looks keen. And you know it's good stuff because they didn't mess with the regular scholars, only the top scholars on this site, baby.

And in this corner, we have They have thousands of videos as well, but they've let in the rabble. Although you can't sneeze at the sheer number of schools they can boast. Plus, they have video from IITM, for pete's sake!

Who will win? Who will emerge victorious in this epic struggle?

Why, that's already been determined. You and I, my friend--we are the winners.


mountain goat said...

when is the 3rd "headlights" book coming

Brandon said...

LOL what does his new book have to do with video lectures?

And by the way, you know many of the same lectures are at both sites -- aka all the OCW lectures published at YouTube should have been harvested by Academic Earth. is a branding of the materials that were already published there.

Who will "win"? Will traffic trump UI?