Friday, July 24, 2009

Come now...

Have we really gotten this desparate for advertising dollars?

For those that run ads on their sites, you know you get money if somebody clicks on the ad, but you also get money if somebody just comes to the site (much less, but a little).

So the other day I am looking to see if there are any tutorials for the Sicilian Language (never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line). I find a link to and this is what I see.

Can you find the content? There are five pages, each with about 2-3 sentences. The link I just gave you only had a single sentence of content. Everything else on the page is advertisements. You get a paragraph of material, and they make you wade through five pages to get it. And it doesn't even link to any real language tutorial, is just babbles on about random Sicilian history.

But then again, who am I to argue against progress? My next blog post will be spread out across 49 pages, and you'll get 2-3 words per page.


lachish said...

You are right... lots of ads. At first I thought you were loony. But then I remembered to kill my tech add ons. In order to see them I had to kill my firefox Ad-Block-Plus and tell my No-Script to temporarily allow all on the page.

Kristi Stevens said...

My Papa's family is from Sicily. According to my grandma (who's family hails from the Naples region) Sicilian Italian is basically corrupted Italian: same language, lazy pronunciation. Sort of like the difference between Spain Spanish and Puerto Rican. :)

Do you speak Spanish? The little Italian I know is very similar to spanish. Basically if you can find a bathroom in one romantic language you could find one in another.

That's probably not what you were looking for but I try to throw out random tidbits of information whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

i am looking for Chickens in the Headlights in spanish. is there one?

Matthew Buckley said...

Unfortunately it has not been translated into Spanish. :( You may want to contact the publisher and see if a translation is in the works.