Saturday, May 22, 2010

Technology overload

I just realized that we have six computers in our house. That isn't counting the Wii, my Android phone, etc., it's just the traditional computers. Here are some stats:

Laptops - 3
Desktops - 3
Windows XP - 2
Windows 7 - 2
Ubuntu - 1
Leopard - 1
Dell - 5
Mac - 1

So, my goal is to get one more computer. That way we'll have one computer per person in the family.

Now I just need to get my wife into World of Warcraft. Then family time would consist of each of us going to our separate corners, logging in, and fighting virtual monsters until the cows come home.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you explain to Blizzard that you will have 7 monthly accounts, 1 for each person in the family, they will comp you the last computer.

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Kate said...

Huh, and I thought our four was a lot. My husband and I have been known to communicate via instant messenger--especially when he worked from home.

Jammie said...

there was a time when we had 4 ps2 so we could all play everquest :o)

Charlie Altman said...

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Callie said...

This made me laugh! Sounds familiar! I think we have more computers than family members these days!

Anonymous said...

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