Sunday, June 20, 2004


As I hear about reviews of my book, I will post them here.

Chickens in the Headlights

T. Lynn Adams - Author

I got hold of Matthew Buckley's first book, "Chickens in the Headlights." I decided to see if the kids would listen while I read a bit to them at dinner one night. Since then I've eaten a cold dinner every night! Tonight the younger ones actually started chanting 'Chickens, Chickens, Chickens' at the dinner table until I got it out and began reading it!"

Jeff Needles - Association for Mormon Letters

"This is great summer reading, something that can be shared with the kids. What a wonderful read. This is light, easy reading, intended mainly to amuse, and secondarily to instruct. I really enjoyed this book, and hope that Buckley will continue writing."

Dayna Davis - LDS Files

This book was hilarious!! I mean, it was laugh out loud funny... There is nothing quite like giggling over a book."

Jennie Hansen - Meridian Magazine

"It would be easy to assume that Buckley’s book is childish because it is written from the viewpoint of an eight-year-old and it focuses on seven young boys, but Chickens in the Headlights is neither childish nor naive. Rather, it is that rare book that crosses lines to be enjoyed by the whole family. It is the kind of book that can be read aloud at the dinner table or listened to on a long car trip without boring some family members or passing over the heads of others. This book isn’t preachy, though it espouses a number of admirable traits. What it is, is funny."

Bullies in the Headlights

LDS Review

"How could someone possible write a book that elementary school kids and adults are going to enjoy together? I thought that was a right saved for “Harry Potter” only. It turns out that author Matthew Buckley was right - it is a great book for the whole family!"

Jennie Hansen - Meridian Magazine

"Those who laughed uproariously over Chickens in the Headlights won’t be disappointed in this one. It’s more of the same outrageous family humor."


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH I love this book it is sooooo cool. I am a teenager and I have already read it at least seven times. When I saw it in Generations( A bookstore) I wanted it so bad,I actually bought it with my on $( i did NOT ask my mom)!!!it is a great book and i would recommended to anyone. SO IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND HAVE NOT CHECKED IT OUT DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jammie said...

I read a lot of books to my kids. They have heard everything from “The Hobbit” to “Little House on the Prairie.” But “Chicken’s in the Headlights” is the only book which has inspired them to ask Santa for a telaporter! They spent a long time trying to find ways to be transported into your book. :o) Thanks for giving us this fun experience.

Linda M said...

I love books that make me laugh so hard that I cry. My poor husband thought I was having some kind of fit because I was laughing so hard that I could not speak. As I am one of the generation that is not adept at computers I am typing this not really believing that it will ever be seen by another human and will merely disappear into space. I was unable to find a link enabling me to leave ideas for your third book. My son is 16 and was able to go on a high adventure trip with his scout troop last summer. The boys were in the wilderness of Wyoming for 5 days. One of the men in our ward drove up to supply rides back to town. Being kind and considerate he brought up a cooler of root beer kept cold with dry ice. Little did he know what the dry ice would be used for. Having never seen or heard the effects of a dry ice bomb I don't think he was aware of the joy he was bringing the young men. The unsuspecting fish that resided in the quiet mountain lake where the bomb was thrown are probably never going to be the same. At least the boys cleaned up the pieces of 2liter bottle that surfaced.
I can't wait to read the next book!