Monday, June 20, 2005

My First Review

T. Lynn Adams, an author and mother, gave a review of my book on an LDS Authors' discussion board.

"Well, talk about first books...I got hold of Matthew Buckley's first book, "Chickens in the Headlights." I decided to see if the kids would listen while I read a bit to them at dinner one night. Since then I've eaten a cold dinner every night! Tonight the younger ones actually started chanting 'Chickens, Chickens, Chickens' at the dinner table until I got it out and began reading it!

"My husband who can deadpan any joke without even a twinkle got shaking with laughter so much during the 'bunkbed scene' in the first chapter that I thought I was going to actually hear a sound come out of him.

"My teenager loved the line, 'we cleaned our room today, so there's not room for anything else under there.' (He held up his hand and confessed over dinner, 'I've done it. I know what that looks like')

"My two young daughters, (ages 5 and eight) both loved the line about dragging baby Jacob--'I grabbed the foot of his pajamas and dragged him to the crib; he left a line of drool across the floor'. They absolutely erupted over the drool part.

"It's been fun to see the different ages all react to different things...but that's just it. They've all reacted and enjoyed it so much. Great first book, Matthew! Right now my kids are all starting to gather on the couches behind me like 'chickens' to the roost because I promised them I'd read more after they were ready for bed. It's 7:20 on a summer evening and you know what? They're all ready! So, Matthew, for cold dinners with no squabbling and getting children snuggly in their pajamas without a chase...Thank you again! For great family evenings, it's better than T.V. I highly recommend it. T. Lynn"

Very kind words...

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