Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Congratulations, It's a Book...

I feel like a new papa.

This morning, I held in my new book in my grubby little hands. No, it's still not out in stores, and no, I still haven't received my author's copy, but I managed to track one down.

I've been stopping by Seagull Book stores now for about a week. Asking different sales folks if they happened to have a book called Chickens in the Headlights. The answer has always been, “I think it's coming out soon, but we don't have it yet.”

Well, today I talked to somebody who said something different. I was at the Logan Seagull Book, and the answer came, “We don't have it yet, but I hope it comes soon, that book is hilarious!”

Wait. I didn't know this guy. Sure, my family and some friends have read the book, but if the book wasn't out, how did he know it was funny?

I inquired, and he informed me that they had gotten was is apparently called a 'demo copy'. I guess the stores get advanced copies, the clerks can read them, then suggest the books to whomever they think might like them.

Well, now I felt a little silly, but I couldn't leave the store without seeing 'my baby'. I stammered out something about feeling dumb, but I was the guy that wrote the book, and if he would let me just take a peek at it I would be forever grateful.

He was very kind. He let me hold it, flip through the pages, tuck it back into the shelf. He also told me to check back this afternoon, since they are getting a shipment today.

Little does he know I'm camped out in his parking lot, watching for a big brown truck.

I haven't acted this much like a kid on Christmas morning since... Well, since Dec. 25, 1980.


Maria said...

That is so awesome! I can only hope to aspire to such great heights.

Tell me your Payson story. No one ever knows where Payson is, so I just tell them it's a small town by Provo. They still look confused. They played the bagpipes at graduation and I got a little choked up, even though I'm not Scottish and it sounded like dying cats.

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Matthew Buckley said...

Christopher and Robin.