Thursday, June 02, 2005


I witnessed a shocking scene in a nearby park, today. The faint of heart should tread carefully.

I was at the park with my boys, playing on and around some playground equipment. One boy shows up with some toy guns. Not just a few toy guns, but an entire arsenal. He had pistols, cap guns, and what looked like an assault rifle that went 'ratatatatatat' when you pulled the trigger. Shocking!

But as shocking as that was, it gets worse. This boys started passing his guns around to other kids, including my son, and they started shooting at each other! Pointing guns at each other and saying 'bang bang', I got you! Shocking!

But as shocking as that was, it gets worse. The boy had an older man with him, what looked like his grandpa. Grandpa has two pistols and begins slinking around the playground like an evil villain straight out of an old western. The kids started shooting at him, and he started shooting back. He would wander off, hide behind a shed, and then approach from another way. Again, bang, bang, I got you! Shocking!

What is this world coming to when little boys and grandpas can play with toy guns in a public park. Haven't they studied up on their PC behavior!

But by golly, they sure looked like they were having fun. You could cut the imagination and excitement with a knife.


KTBUG said...

Don't little boys play with guns whenever possible? Now, the grandpa joining in on the fun is a little weird.
Hey you were able to help Jess out with her blog questions and so I was hoping you could help me. How do I change things in my side bar? You know, like add blogs that I read and a visitor counter. Thanks. Oh yeah. Chickens really don't have armpits huh. HeHe

Matthew Buckley said...

I tried to make the whole post dripping with sarcasm. I thought it was great that a grown man was playing cops and robbers with some kids. But sometimes we get so worried about strangers, and violence, and what not, that we forget that kids are just kids...

As far as the side bar goes, that is a bit trickier. Do you have Front Page? If so, that is the easiest. In the edit mode, click on the template tab, copy the code, and paste it into front page. You can then edit it from there.

Are you still in school? (I'm assuming you go to Weber State, maybe I'm wrong). If so, I've got an office up here and it would be all of 4 minutes to fix.

Let me know, or e-mail me.

Jess said...

Thanks for your help. Maybe my computer was just slow, i woke up this morning and my posts were there! Crazy! How do i get fliker? Google it?

Jess said...

I was wondering why your name seemed so familier! I received my Seagull Book catalog in the mail today and my eye was caught to a novel that looks great, Chikens in the Headlights. Way to go! I can't wait to go out and buy it. What an accomplishment. Have you written anything else?

Matthew Buckley said...

Yeah, google is probably the easiest way to find it.

And Chickens is the first thing I've ever written. I have an idea for a second book, but for the life of me, I can't seem to start it.

Maybe I'm spending too much time posting to my blog. :)

Maria said...

Where's Ponch and Baker when you need 'em?