Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Beat That Britannica!

A friend up at USU sent me a great entry from the Uncyclopedia. It looks like the Uncyclopedia is like the Wikipedia, only 'un'nier... A cheap knockoff? A brilliant satire? Who knows?

It's an article describing the great war of 1988 between Transformers and GI Joe. The problems stemmed from the fact that "Cobra had gained control of large sections of the Backyard, including the area from the Big Stump to the Flower Bed. Meanwhile, Joe forces had dug in near the Back Door, and had set up air fields by the Clothesline."

Anopther great article from the Uncyclopedia is about "cowation - The process by which a person becomes a cow for no good reason. First they're just standing there, like a normal person, then they start to moo, then they become cows."

You just can't find this caliber of article on any fancy pants Encyclopedia...

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