Monday, June 20, 2005

Bow Before The Blue Star

When I was little and in school, often somebody would proudly state something they had accomplished. "I got an A on the spelling test!" Or, "I put my shirt on the right way!".

Since the rest of us were pretty much living the laws described in Lord of the Flies, our response was often, "Well, what do you want, a star pinned on your chest?"

It's not pinned on my chest, I but I just became a 'Blue Star" member of e-bay. I did this by earning a rating of 50. They even sent me a certificate, if you can believe that, with instructions to download, print, and "display proudly".

Back where I came from, if you get caught displaying a certificate, especially a 'blue star' certificate, well... You may as well kiss your lunch money goodbye. Chances are there is a wedgie and a good beating waiting for you out on the playground.

1 comment:

shelleylyn said...

It is quite an honor, really. You should consider adding it to your vitae.