Saturday, June 18, 2005

Street Smarts

So, while driving around looking for the stores I was supposed to be in, I fell back on a little piece of information I discovered while spraying lawns. While this may not hold in all cities, I've found that the majority of them follow a simple rule. When you are moving away from the center of town, even numbered houses/building are on the right. So, if you are on 600 west and 500 south, heading north, even is on your left, and odd are on your right. But as soon as you cross main/state/center, or whatever, the numbers will switch. Now that you are heading 'away' from town, even is on the right, odd is on the left.

Try it, see if it works for your house. It's great when trying to find buildings or homes. You know which lane to be in.

So seriously, does this post win the prize for being the most pointless entry yet in this blog? :)

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