Friday, January 28, 2005


I rarely buy any DVDs. I figure for the price of an average DVD, I could buy a month subscription at Netflix, watch the movie I would have bought, plus seven or eight other movies on the Long Tail. So long story short, while there are a few DVD's on my shelf, most of them are in my mail.

However, one of the movies that simply had to be in my collection is UHF. It sit's right next to Napoleon Dynamite, and the empty space that will be filled by Ruben & Ed, whenever it is released on DVD.

Anyway, to get to the point, I was a little surprised when I came across this little tid-bit. It appears that MGM, rather than releasing the true wide-screen format, in fact has just taken the pan-scan version, and cut off the top and bottom. So even more has been cut out of the movie. Somebody somewhere has filed a class action suit, and if you move quickly, you can exchange your movies for the 'real' version. If you're not sure if your movie is affected, you can check this list.

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