Tuesday, February 01, 2005


So what if you throw a blog and nobody comes? As can be seen in the last month, I've had a record number of visitors to the site. A whopping 0. The proverbial goose egg. It can't be my lack of wit, or the lack of fascinatingly interesting posts. I've plenty of both. ;]. What affect does this have on the average blogger? The simple answer is, "I don't know." I know the affect it has on me. When I get a 'thought', my first inclination is to post it to The Grey Labyrinth, rather than here. I get more of a response.

I bring this up, not to wallow in self pity (it is much more enjoyable to wallow in say, custard or shaving cream). Rather because I'm going to study this phenomenon for a class I'm attending at Utah State University. I intend to look at blogs, and determine if people are more willing to maintain their blog if people are posting comments.

Anyway, if anybody replies with a comment to this post, I just may post the results. ;)


Bekir Gur said...

It seems obvious that if a blogger gets comments, then he or she is inclined to post more. :-)

Matthew Buckley said...

You are right, it does seem obvious. But maybe this study will confirm that, and tell us how much of an affect it has.

UnPhiltered said...

I suppose for some bloggers, the level of responses could be a significant factor in the maintenance of a blog. I think it would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between the type or purpose of the blog in relation to comments being an indicator of continued blogging.

I follow several blogs and rarely comment. You sort of goaded me into commenting on this one. Not that it's a pity response. I can see for many that the notion that someone else is reading your blog can give intrinsic meaning. Another way would be by number of people who link to your blog.

According to blogshares.com you have five incoming links. At least five people find your stuff important enough to maintain a link. This blog has also been placed in various categories on blogshares and ranked. For example, it ranks #19 in the top 200 blogs in the Graduate School category. That's not too shabby, regardless of how unscientific the ranking may be. Reputation is all perception anyway.

Finally, if you posted this on the The Grey Labyrinth, I wouldn't have read it and posted this very, very long comment. Perhaps on second thought you should have considered that.