Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Chicken Update...

I went down to American Fork (pronounced Fark) yesterday and met with some very nice folks at Covenant Communications. I have been working with several individuals there, all who were very nice on the phone and through e-mail, and were even nicer in person. It looks like the book is still on track for June, and as the well known hymn goes, 'all is well'.

With the possible exception of the title. It looks like Chicken's Don't Have Armpits isn't even going to be a choice that the title committee will look at. It's a bit discouraging, but I completely understand. If my name alone drove people to rush out and buy books, then the title is probably not important. That is why a Steven King book could be called 87 steps to kicking your neighbor's dog, and it would still sell. Mainly because the titles are so small on his books you really can't even read them.

So Covenant needs to find a book that will 'do well'. I still think that anybody walking into a bookstore, and sees a book called, "Chicken's Don't Have Armpit's', is going to say to themselves, "What the...." And at least wander over and pick it up.

Anyway, this blog will forever more be known as Chicken's Don't Have Armpits, in spite of the name change. And as more publishing events take place, I will let you know how it goes. Right now I'm trying to find a photo to send for their back cover. I don't really much care to get my picture taken, but there you have it. The said a picture of my car, or CD collection wouldn't cut it. There is a Matthew Buckley here, maybe they would accept that. You know, you have to ask yourself, what exactly are they teaching at that school? Maybe they are graduates of this program?

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