Saturday, July 02, 2005

Is Hollywood Finally Getting It?

So I'm probably the last person on earth to realize it, but Freaks and Geeks is a very fine show.

I just checked out the first disk on DVD and I'm almost tempted to renew my MVP membership, just so I can watch more.

The series debuted in 1999, was met with wide critical acclaim, and was promptly canceled. I hadn't heard of it until it was canceled, so I didn't bother watching it. Now I wish I had. It's very good.

But we're in a new age, now. TV shows are coming out on DVD. I've picked up several new 'favorite' shows, not by tuning in, but by renting.

Battlestar Galactica, which apparently is doing very well, owes much of it's success to the fact that the SciFi channel puts their episodes up on the Internet. So if you missed the first few, not to worry, download them, get hooked, and then come watch the rest.

There was an interesting article I just read that describes a very popular show that was never shown on TV. It was leaked to the Internet and now there is a cult following, demanding DVDs, or episodes, or something.

Hollywood needs to adapt. Movie attendance is down. DVD sales would be down but have been saved by TV DVD sales. New models need to be developed that embrace new technology, not fight it.

July 5th Update: The new models are already here... Fox's new show, Over There will be out on DVD 1 week after its premiere.

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John Dehlin said...

Margi and I loved Freaks and Geeks. We were sad when it was cancelled.