Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Last Booksigning...

My last day of book signings is this Saturday. I'll be down in Utah County at the following locations.

30-Jul - American Fork- Seagull 10:30a-12p
30-Jul - North Orem - Seagull 12:30p-2p
30-Jul - South Orem - Seagull 3p-4:30p

I have enjoyed the booksignings, if for no other reason than to have had the experience. I don't sell a lot of books, and I don't really meet anybody (nobody talks to me, I suspect it's the beard), but stangely enough it's still been fun. The best part is when people I know have heard about the signings and come in to see me. I've had some family come in and some friends...

Anyway, it will also be nice to be done. I've been doing these things for 6 weeks straight now, and the lawn is really looking like it should be mowed.

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Maria said...

I feel bad that I never made it to a signing. Utah County is my home turf, but I'm volunteering at a health fair tomorrow. (Seriously, I am. It's not just a wild excuse!)