Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I had to blog this article becuase it's about Firefly, the best Sci-Fi/Western television series since... Well, has there even been another Sci-Fi/Western Television series? And not only it is about Firefly, but they use the phrase 'highly cunning'. Can't pass up such a one-two punch.

Anyway, it appears that with the success of iPod video, Firefly might be brought back to life. The idea is "to buy up the franchise from Fox [and] sell the show on a direct pay-per-view model. The consumer would view it on her or his computer, on his or her iPod, and on her and his on direct-to-DVD sent to his or her house or on demand through her or his cable or satellite operator."

The guy proposing the idea admits it's a long shot, "but if it does work then it could mean the end of networks killing off really popular shows as they might be saved by different online distribution channels."

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Maria said...

Can't nobody keep Joss Wedon down! I'm still holding out for a Buffy resurrection...