Friday, March 31, 2006

Give away the product...

Make money some other way.

I'm often trying to convince faculty that opening up their course is a good thing. I even tried to convince my publisher (I love my publisher) to let me license my book under Creative Commons, effectively 'giving it away'. Why? What good can possibly come from giving away your product?

Well, you can always make money some other way. There is an interesting article over on CNN that talks about an airline that is planning on making money by letting people fly for free.

In the information age we shouldn't try to round up, capture, monopolize, and control information. We should set it free, and then find new ways to make money. There are ways to do it. It might be hard. But giving folks access to information is always a good thing.


November Criminal said...

You socialist. How are things? I saw that you found my sister in the blogosphere (, sorry that you had to read about her "nervous poops." Things are going good here in Austin, although grad school is harder than I expected. A little too much science and not enough politics in my opinion. I don't update my blog frequently (as will be immediately apparent), but leave me a message and let me know how to email you so I can see how things are with your family and the old ward.

mike frost

p.s. maybe you could compromise, "Bullies in the Headlights Don't Have Armpits"

soulglo said...

I can't stand cheap people. Like when someone says, "Hey, do you have that $100 you borrowed, or "Where's that $50 you owe me." Man, quit being so cheap!