Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Preparing for Halloween

My number two son is very creative when it comes to Halloween costumes. He makes up his mind early, decides how to do it, and then does it. This is the son who two years ago decided he wanted to go as a mountain. He then convinced his brother to go as a mountain too, so they could be the Wasatch Range.

This year, for whatever reason, he picked his costume early. He found a big cardboard box that would suit his purposes, and planned his course of action. My wife did the cutting, but the planning was all his.

I've posted his handiwork if you'd like to see it. Oh, and I should mention my son's name is John.


Anne Bradshaw said...

Whoa! John is highly creative. Just like his dad :-) For a moment, I thought that was a collection plate in front. Silly me.

By the way, I'm giving away a treat on my blog today :-) Hop on over and help yourself. Mind you, it could be a trick, right? It's that time of year.

G. Parker said...

What a hoot!! Sounds like he inherited quite the sense of humor...lol Reminds me of John Bytheway...Ever heard of him?

Rebecca Talley said...

Absolutely hilarious and very creative.

My nephew once went as Colonel Sanders and his brother dressed up as their dad with the pot belly and all. I thought they were creative, but a toilet . . .now that's something.