Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We back row folks finally have an excuse...

I've always preferred the back row. Maybe it's a leftover primitive defensive reaction, to keep potential threats in front of me. Maybe it's because I'm shy, and don't want people looking at the back of my head.

I've often been to meetings and taken a seat near the back, only to have the speaker demand that everybody move to the front. It drives me nuts. I sat back here because I wanted to. No, I don't want to move forward, I'm afraid of getting hit with your spittle if I sit too close.

But now those of us who prefer the back, and are geeks, have an excuse. I'm in a meeting and the only plugs are at the back of thee room. If I'm asked to move forward, I can put a pained look on my face, as if my one and only desire is to move forward. But then I gesture toward my laptop cord plugged into the floor. Alas, I'm tied to my spot. Here, in the back. Where nobody can sneak up and club me with a rock.


Allen said...

Nice, does that work in church too? :)

robmba said...

In one sunday school class I was in, the teacher actually removed the front row after people sat down, since no one was sitting in it, so the second row was the new front row. Of course, that same teacher also stood up on the table and said that everyone that didn't bring their scriptures to class is going to hell.