Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Don't know that I've ever heard this story, but it rings true.

I think there will always be a mix of natural talent and work, but talent will never make up for a good work ethic.

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chad said...

hey we heard u were writing a book about scouting and i really dont have a clue how to do blog stuff but i dont care. about a month ago on our high adventure me and my brothers group had a kid who is kind of mental. anyways the whole time we were up there he was slapping mosquitos that were on us and about the third day a forest ranger came to check on our fire the mental kid followed us and he saw a mosquito on the guys face. ya, he assaulted an officer. after that he cussed a little about how the mosquitos were stupid but the funny thing was that our bishop was with us. ya so he assaulted an officer, and swore in front of our bishop then got away with it because he was mental and that about sums it up.