Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm an angry, angry man.

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Newman

One of 12.

If I had to pick my top 5 movies, I don't know what they would all be, but I'm pretty sure that 12 Angry men would be on that list. I've seen it probably 20 times in my life. Henry Fonda is fantastic. In fact, every person on the list is perfect for the roll. All be three minutes of the film takes place in one small room. But in spite of no scenery change, the movie draws you in and you are compelled to watch from start to finish.

So, when I heard that our community theatre was putting on the production, I couldn't help but try out. I've never been in a play before in my life (I may have been a tree in elementary school, I can't recall, probably I've repressed any memory). But I would have hated myself to pass up the opportunity.

So, to make a long story short, I tried out, and they gave me the 11th spot. For those that have watched the show, I'm the foreigner. So not only do I have to remember my lines, and remember when to say my lines, and say them with feeling, I have to add on an accent to boot. But, it should be fun.

Anyway, the play starts October 3rd (the same day as the USU BYU game, I'll REALLY be angry that night, for missing it), and runs through the 25th. If you feel so inclined, drop on by, it should be fun. And if you don't come to the play, you should at least check out the movie. It's a keeper.


Corrine said...

Hey congrats, that's really cool!

I'd love to try out for a play here, but my british accent isn't quite up to snuff yet. ha ha

What accent are you doing then? What is your motivation?

Matthew Buckley said...

Well, since I lived in Russia for a semester, and the accent only has to be 'European', I'm doing some crazy Slavic/Russian hybrid accent. It's quite difficult to be consistent throughout. But it's been fun, and I think it will turn out half decent. My part, that is, everybody else in the play is just top notch.

Crystal Liechty said...

I loved that movie, too! Quite against my will, of course. My dad made me watch it when I was little and I was quite determined to hate it.
Congrats on getting the part! And good luck.

opencontent said...

Marion, that's AWESOME! You'll love it. Break a leg!

Tom and Mel said...

Hey Mar! Nice picture! I love that you and dad and Uncle Mark are all in it. I wish we could come for it... probably not, but maybe. We sure would love to see it! It is an exceptional movie and I'm sure the play will be just as great!

Jenn loves Derek said...

Wow! That is so great! I think we will have to get tickets and come check you out as an angry adult, I only know you as a child that has angry moments!