Monday, September 22, 2008

Writing Styles...

I've been reworking The Super Trio. I initially wrote it as a chapter book. The final word count came in at about 13,000 words, roughly 60 pages, double spaced. But it just didn't feel right. I think the storyline was too complex for such a young reader, and the characters were acting a little more mature than they should. So I decided to go back, raise the kids ages, add more depth to the story line, and go from there.

I've been quite please with how it's turning out, so far. I'm currently at about 20,000 words, and I still have about 9,000 from the first book to include. And still more storyline to cover. I'll wager it will be about the same size as my Headlights books, around 60,000 words.

However, this time around, I've been writing it different. With Chickens and Bullies, I would write a chapter, and then let it sit. I'd go back and rework it a few days later, and then maybe even a third time. Then I'd send it to my wonderful sister-in-law who would do a crack job at fixing all my errors.

It was common for me to spend 3-4 weeks per chapter. But each chapter was pretty polished before I went on to the next.

With this book I have just been flying through the story. I've been writing for maybe 10 days, and already have nearly 80 pages. But it's a really rough 80 pages. I'm going back and forth trying to decide if I should stop, go back and polish, or if I should just plow ahead. It's kind of nice to feel like I'm making good headway.

Anyway, if any of you out there have a particular writing style style that matches either of these, or even something entirely different, I'd be very interested in hearing about it.

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G. Parker said...

I don't know...I think I vary from story to story. Sometimes it's the length of time between start and finish... It all depends on what works for you. Just like some people like to outline the whole story before they stories usually are bursting to be written and I don't have time for an outline until I've gotten a ways into it and need some definition to know where to go next. I'm impressed that you're going to try acting though...sounds like fun!