Monday, January 19, 2009

Nerd of the highest order.

Oh how I wish I had my digital audio recorder with me on our family date tonight. If me and the boys had asked out my wife on a date, I think we'd have a hard time talking her into a second one. She'd probably be busy 'washing her hair' or something, the next time we called. We were nerds of the highest order.

It started by me coming up with the idea of starting 4 free accounts to World of Warcraft, and letting all of the kids play at the same time. Kind of a family excursion into nerdiness.

Well, of course the kids went ballistic, and that is all they could talk about all night. Here is how just part of the conversation went at the local malt shop. I've removed the names to protect the innocent.


We need a hunter. A hunter and a Warrior.

Which races have warriors?

All of them.

I don't think they all do, do they?

No, he's right. Every one of them.

I want to be a chicken.

What about the undead, they don't have warriors.

Yes, they do.

Yeah, I have one.

You do?


You're sure? Is it really a warrior, or does he just look big.

I'm going to be a chicken. And I'll have a piggie.

Mom can be a mage.

Yeah, she should be a blood-elf mage, definitely.

How come?

Never mind.

So that gives us our DPS, right?

Yeah, we'll need 3 dps, a tank, and a healer.

I'm a chicken!

I'll be the tank.

Are you sure you want to be a tank? That's the hardest job in the game, next to healing.

Healing isn't hard. I don't want to be a healer, they're boring.

What! Healing is the most important part of the party. If a dps dies, the party can still make it. But if the tank dies, we're all toast. If the healer dies, we're all toast. Two most important parts of the game.


Hey! The garbage is glowing purple.

You've got ice cream on your ears.

Now, let me tell you a bit about aggro...


Yep...chips off the ol' block.


David said...

Hahahahahah! Good stuff.

Katie said...

I think I heard a few conversations like this around COSL... :)

Flashlight Girl said...

Just a warning. . . Project Man has seen a number of couples in therapy recently where the husband is ADDICTED to that particular game. Just saying. . . Suzanne, I feel your pain!

amaree said...

LOL... very funny :)

You know, ashamed as I am about it now-a-days, I actually used the "I'm washing my hair" excuse when a guy asked me out in High School. It wasn't nice, i know. He was creepy and slimey. Perhaps I should have given him a chance.

But I have used it.