Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A New Kind of Change

So, we've changed up the white house, now it's congress's turn. Tired of special interests dictating the policies here in America? Tired of Disney locking up tens of thousands of books by lobbying congress to extend the copyright act? Then head on over here and pledge NOT to give any more money to congress. Come on, in these tough economic times, everybody can make a promise not to spend money.


RobisonWells said...

While I don't expect this, like most internet petitions, to have any effect whatsoever, I think this one is particularly silly.

This "donor strike" operates under the assumption that a politician is more beholden to the groups that give it money. (Why else would they not want politicians to take money from special interests?)

BUT, if that assumption is true, then by cutting off citizen support, politicians will ONLY be beholden to special interests.

Unless this petition actually cuts off enough money to cripple a campaign (which it won't, because internet petitions never do) all it will accomplish is increasing the percentage of special interest donations, and increase the politician's need for special interest donations.

But, I'm kind of a cynic. :)

Matthew Buckley said...

This petition is absolutely silly. It has no common sense whatsoever. Which is why it just might work in DC, where common sense has not been spotted for decades.

Matthew Buckley said...

Here you go Rob, this petition is probably more to your liking.