Monday, February 02, 2009

Work for Hire

I know what you're all thinking. You've probably heard that USU is forcing all of its employees to take a mandatory furlough. And you're worried about me. Sure I get spring break off, but I don't get paid.

But worry not. This is actually a good thing. It's a way of spreading the pain around. Instead of a few unlucky souls at USU getting kicked in the teeth, everybody at USU just gets poked in the chest.

As for me, taking time off without getting paid doesn't seem quite right. Luckily we're allowed to do 'contract work' during this time so I plan on leasing myself out to the highest bidder. If you're interested I can be bought in 1 hour chunks, and I'm willing to do anything as long as it's a) moral, and b) legal (I can actually bend a little on both of these, depending on the thrill factor).

So starting March 9th, if you need a thirty something instructional designer who is good at raking carpets, melting ice, sharpening forks, counting lego, or pressing the tilde button, give me a call.

Hurry up before my week is filled.

Bidding starts at minimum wage.


G. Parker said...

Tell them it's time to do a whole bunch of book signings!!! lol Good luck.

Kami said...

I may need a person to push the tilde button. But I have to write something first. I would actually like to hire you to write my dissertation. It might actually be an interesting document if you wrote it.

Cami Checketts said...

How about ghost writing? Maybe you could get some work done on my WIP.
Thanks for the laugh,