Monday, May 25, 2009

The sure thing, or something new?

When I go into one of my favorite restaurants, I have a really hard time ordering something new. My conundrum is thus: I've been to the restaurant before, and I know what I like. In fact, the whole reason I've returned is because of that particular dish. So when the waitress asks for my order do I order Dish A, the one I know is good, or do I try Dish B?

On the one hand, Dish B might be better. If they can cook Dish A so well, why not assume Dish B is also tasty? On the other hand if I don't like it I've wasted all that time and money. I don't want to leave wishing I had stuck with the sure thing.

I have the same problem with I go into a video store (OK, I never go into a video store. I use Netflix). Do I get a movie I know I like, or try something new?

The reason I ask is that I just picked up a book. Lieutenant Hornblower by C. S. Forester. I've read the book before. In fact, I've read it twice. I love it. I love the character, I love the era, and I love the voice. Not many folks know that Gene Rodenberry based Captain James T. Kirk after H. Hornblower. It really is a good series of books.

But, shouldn't I be expanding my horizons? Shouldn't I be trying new things? In the back of my head, I think I should. But then again I usually order Dish A, and my queue is filled up with mostly movies or TV series I've seen before. I like the comfortable and familiar.

Maybe that is a sign I'm getting old.


Kristi Stevens said...

You are getting old. We all are. Expand you horizons. Order something different. Who knows, you might like it. If you don't you can always go back to old favorites.

Rachelle said...

Time to expand your horizons as far as entertainment, but I agree with the menu choice. I ate it when I try something and it's gross. My husband and I love to share the A-1 Peppercorn burger at Red Robin. Don't mess with success!
But I have a hard time reading the same books over and over because there's so many new ones I want to read.
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Kimberly said...

I tried Dish B and it was gross. Trust me.

Hard to say whether it's wisdom or folly to wrap yourself up in the warmth and comfort of the familiar. I get into that pattern rather regularly myself, but in breaking free of it I've discovered Scott Westerfeld, Neil Gaiman, the Dr. Who TV series.

I encountered a lot of crap in the process though. It's a risk, no denying it.

Kim said...

My friends laugh at me because they could tell you word-for-word (including substitutions) what I will get at every restaurant we frequent. I just find something I like and stick with it. (That's why my friends are still around.)