Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Why is Radio not dead?

On the rare occasions that I drive without my iPod, I always turn on the radio expecting to hear nothing but static. Surely radio is not still around. Surely it's gone the way of ice boxes and candles. But no, for some reason that I can't understand, there are still radio programs and radio stations on the internet. Why is this?

I was driving back to work from lunch, and I started scanning the stations. These are the nuggets I found. I'll let you decide if they are nuggets of gold, or the nuggets that come out the back side of a bunny rabbit:

  • Annoying radio host who abuses and makes fun of guests who calls into her program
  • Political radio personality selling meat
  • Mexican music
  • Music from the 40s
  • Lots and lots of static

  • bad country (I know, redundant use of the word bad)
  • more bad country
  • commercials
  • more commercials
  • really, really, shallow music
  • classical music (which is great, I'm sure, but beyond my low-brow tastes)
And there you have it. The entire 10 minute ride wasted. However, when I take my iPod, this is what I have at my fingertips. And remember, any of these programs I can pause, re-listen to, or fast forward.

There you have it. Hours of entertainment, downloaded to my iPod every week, all of it free. There are ads on a few of them, and that is fine by me.

So, if you pay for ads on the radio, that is fine. But you might want to find out who is listening to podcasts, and find a cheaper way to get your message out. Because Radio is going to die any day now.

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G. Parker said...

There are those of us who don't own such electronic gadgets, you know...grin. I like the classical station, that's all I listen to. Sometimes I'll do a CD when I'm in a car that has a player, but when there isn't -- it's classical. My kids are pretty good at putting up with it.
We also listen to fm 100 on Sundays...nice uplifting music. My son would agree with you though -- he doesn't go anywhere without his headphones hooked in... ;)