Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that holds it's own, at least for a while. When you're a kid, you love the holiday because it's all about the candy. Free candy. Lots and lots of free bag of candy. It's enough to quicken the heart of even the most stoic 7 year old.

Then you go through a brief time when you're too cool to trick or treat, but quickly you find out that Halloween can still be fun. You get into High School and College and realize it's still fun to dress up, go to parties, be a little crazy.

For me, Halloween is now hit or miss. Sometimes it's still fun, but often it's just another night. I spent this Halloween sitting on the couch doing homework, worrying about OCW, trying to concentrate with the doorbell ringing every 4 minutes, handing out cheap candy and wishing I could be one of those 'cool houses' that gives out full sized candy bars, then fighting with four boys trying to get them to calm down with 48 pieces of candy pumping sugar through their little veins.

I guess if it were a different holiday I would be saying “Bah, Humbug”, but I don't think it fits for this one.

Maybe next year...

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Maria said...

I'm a Halloween grinch too. We had a grand total of three trick-or-treaters this year. And they were annoying because I had to keep getting up from the couch as I was trying to watch "The Eyes of Nye".