Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sweet Vindication

I wrote a post several months ago about John C. Dvorak's article blasting the Creative Commons license. I didn't know much of Dvorak, but the article made me not like him.

Then I started listening to the Twit podcast, and I couldn't help but start to like the guy. He's cynical, goofy, and fun to listen to. In fact, he's the reason I listen to Twit. But it still bugged me that he had so thrashed Creative Commons. It wasn't just that he had bashed it, but that he just didn't get it. How could I like somebody who doesn't get it?

Well, now he get's it. Episode 27 of the Twit podcast features Larry Lessig, and a great discussion on Creative Commons and the future of copyright. Dvorak has seen the light, and now all is well. I can like Dvorak and his antics with reckless abandon.

If you want to listen to just the creative commons bit, move forward about 8 minutes into the show.

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