Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An Exploding Coconut Update

For you long time readers of the blog, you will remember a post in which I described a strange event at my house, one that I could only explain away by arguing that coconuts must explode.

Well, last night I found a second such case. Naomi wrote and said that she too had a coconut explode in her house, and she was lucky not to have been around.

I suspect an epidemic. I think somebody somewhere is trying to disrupt our peaceful lives by selling us ticking coconuts.

So be warned, and stick with the flakes.


Al said...

Haha... your post is google search #1 when searching for "Exploding coconut"


Christa said...

I had a coconut explode on me too! I couldn't figure out why there was water splashed everywhere. It turned out that the water was coconut juice. Too bad I wasn't there to see it happen!

Karen Robson said...

I had one explode on me this morning! All over me and my computer! Waaahhh!