Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Got Math?

You no longer need to pay $150 for a math book. You can now get one for the low, low price of free ninety free.


Kudos to the authors.

"As time and resources allow, we will be adding 9 more free textbooks to this site, and the material will always be accessible to even the slowest of Internet connections."

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for the kind words. I am posting 10 math textbooks and the accompany ancillary material at http://www.FreeLoadPress.com. I feel that I will reach a wider audience than I can at http://www.TotallyFreeMath.com .
I am also posting material on study skills and a video on how to use Adobe Reader. The material is in PDF, so the video on Reader should be of benefit to all users. The site also has business books and is adding more titles this fall. Several hundred schools have already signed on to use the textbooks as the required text for some classes.
I am also supporting finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. You can read about a new vaccine at http://www.IHaveMS.com. My son is in the FDA clinical trials.