Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My commute has gotten worse...

But that is a good thing.

I have an interesting commute to work. I have three options.

Option 1) I can walk three blocks and catch the bus that drops me off about 50 feet from the door to my building.

Options 2) I can drive my car and park about 5 blocks from my building.

Option 3) I can ride my bike to work, and lock it up about 30 feet from the door to my building.

Option 1 takes 10 minutes. Option 2 takes 10 minutes. And option 3 takes 10 minutes when I'm not in shape, and 8.5 minutes when I am. So it's summer, it's beautiful weather, I'm out of shape, so clearly option 3 is the best answer.

But I just round a different route that takes me 35 minutes (I'm hoping to cut it down to 30 after I get in shape). This route takes me down to a dam, up the side of a mountain, and then across and back down. You can see both the old and new route here.

Anyway, I'm hoping that if I stick to this commute, and work my tail off, by the end of the year I will be able to keep up with the COSL racing team for 8 minutes, instead of my customary 85 seconds.

If you're ever in the area, my commute is also a lovely hike. You can start right at the trail head and enjoy a lovely view of the entire valley. Enjoy it now before the encroaching development takes it all over.

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