Monday, June 18, 2007

The Whitneys...

LDStorymakers is starting a new awards thingy. From their site.

"The Whitneys are an awards program for LDS fiction, and are sponsored by the LDStorymakers. One of the most commonly repeated quotes among LDS authors is from Orson F. Whitney: “We will yet have Miltons and Shakespeares of our own.” As it is the goal of LDStorymakers to increase the quantity and quality of LDS fiction, it's only reasonable that the Storymakers should also honor those authors who excel and continually raise the bar."

So the book doesn't have to be LDS, just the author. I'd ask you all to go over and nominate my book, but unfortunately there is no category for what I write.

"The Whitney Awards honor novels in the following categories: Romance/Women’s Fiction, Suspense/Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Historical, Novel of the Year, and Best Novel by a New Author. Novels can be nominated by any reader (via this website or by mail), and nominees are voted on by an academy of industry professionals, including authors, publishers, bookstore owners, distributors, critics, and others."

I lobbied for a "Young Reader, Humorous, Quasi-Autobiographical, All of the Kids are the Same-Gender Family" award, but to no avail. Greasing palms with two dollar bills just doesn't get you what it used to, back in the day.

But seriously, think about a good book you've read, head on over to the site, and nominate that sucker.

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