Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nice Ride

Went out with some friends yesterday for a mountain bike ride up Green Canyon. It was a 10.6 mile ride, round trip. It was a lot of fun to ride with other folks. The benefit is that you kind of have to keep up. When I go myself I think, "I'm kind of tired, maybe I'll stop." When you're riding with others you just have to keep going.

I'm impressed with how good these guys are. I was wheezing, huffing, puffing, gasping the entire way, and almost everybody else was just chatting like they were sitting around a BBQ, sharing some drinks. I was pleased that I was able to keep up. For the most part I was never more than 10-15 seconds behind whoever was leading, although toward the end I was really feeling the fact that I hadn't eaten since 2:00. In fact, all that day I ate kind of poorly. Nothing for breakfast, a piece of cake and a couple of breadsticks for lunch, and then a Creamie at 2:00. I need to listen to the more experienced riders, and do what they do, eat as they eat, and drink as they drink.

All in all, a fun little ride.


emmusic said...

This was from my brother's blog and I thought it cool that you both had a similar experience about 10 days apart.-Emily

"Kim and I have started biking every day, every other day, every three days, or every week or so....We actually try and do some kind of exercise everyday, and are actually pretty good at it. I sold my body (donating plasma, I know what you're thinking) to buy us bikes last year and we are finally getting good enough to conquer some rough terrain. Cache Valley has a ton of great trails and we are learning which ones we like best. Our latest endeavor took us up Green Canyon, which by the way, was really green. The trail wasn't too difficult, but it was a gradual ascent of about 2,000 feet, 6 miles long one way and a bit rocky.

We were both surprised we made it all the way up..."

Brooke said...

I would never ever be able to do something like that. I have problems just hiking for three hours.