Sunday, April 06, 2008

Compelling Idea...

This is one of the most exciting articles I've read in a long time. I've long said that the old publishing model is outdated, and really needs to be changed. The old model is a scarcity model. There are few books, and few ways to get those books. Only one entity can distribute the book, so it creates a monopoly. Because of that, the entity can charge whatever they want. Growing up, I remember paying $1.25 for a book. Now a paperback can run you over $15; a hardback will run you $30-$40.

Anyway, I've been working on a new book, one that I'm quite excited about. It's a chapter book, geared toward elementary children. I have a friend who is a podcasting master, I think I might beg him to teach me how to do it, and release the book online.

To me, writing is too much of a solitary activity. I like to be with others, to hear feedback, and share ideas. I believe when this happens, a work becomes better. With the latest book, the driving factor has been my children. They love the book, and beg for more. They ask me about the characters, and what is going to happen next. My sister-in-law has written to me and told me how much she and her husband like it. It is an interactive experience, which is what I need. So the next logical step is to share that with a broader audience. It would be even better to hear more feedback, and would be fulfilling to me if more people were enjoying the book.

So, keep checking back. I've got 6 of 10 chapters done. I'll talk to my friend, and see how difficult it is to get set up podcasting. Once the book is done, I'll start releasing a chapter a week. Hopefully, that will give me 10 weeks to complete the next book in the series.

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G. Parker said...

Sounds interesting...I know my kids are waiting for your next book!! Can't wait, ya know??? grin.