Friday, April 18, 2008

Facebook and Blockbuster, take 2

A few weeks ago I posted my experience with Blockbuster posting what I was renting to Facebook, despite the fact that I had never asked it to do it, and in fact had 'opted out' of this lovely feature.

Looks like others, and those with a tendency to sue, have had a similar experience. A class action law suit is under way, and the suit is asking $2,500 per incident. Of course after attorney's fees, I would probably get about .83 cents, but hey, I'm a published author, I'm used to those kind of percentages.


Stacy Gooch Anderson said...

You've been tagged....

The rules are at my blogsite;

Crystal Liechty said...

Wow, if my neighbors see what I'm renting, I could be in big trouble. Just kidding, but seriously, that's messed up. Glad I'm not on Facebook. Or Blockbuster online.