Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Super Trio

I have tried for a year to start on another book, but it just wasn't coming. I had planned a third in the Headlights series. However, about a month ago I was lying in bed, and the idea for a mid grade reader just came to me. In about an hour I had the story worked out in my mind. I couldn't help but giggle into my pillow, and take notes so I wouldn't forget it while I slept.

Well, I've finished the book and have decided to deliver it as a podcast. I'm going to read the book and post it a chapter at a time. The first chapter is up, and I would love if you passed this link on to anybody you think might be interested. I think the book will appeal to 5-11 year olds.

The book is completely free. I'm not going to do anything like ask for donations, or make people pay for 'the rest of the book'. I plan on trying to get an agent, and get the book published, but for now I'm giving it away. You can listen on the site, or subscribe to it on iTunes (iTunes link forthcoming).

The book is about superheroes. From the first page of the book:

"Rafter Hans Bailey looked at the clock. In 12 more minutes he would finally be ten. And in 12 more minutes, he would finally be a superhero..."

So, if you know anybody who would like a good story read to them over the next three months, point them my way!




Stacy G. Anderson said...

Great job on the podcast! I can't wait to have my 7 year old listen to it.

Crystal Liechty said...

Yeah, it was a great podcast. When are we getting more!?!

Matthew Buckley said...

One each week. So in 6 more days. :)