Monday, June 09, 2008

For your entertainment...

We put on quite the show at the little league game tonight. The kids were playing with the keyless remote to our van. Somehow they engaged the alarm. Since we came separately, my wife left first (with the only keyless remote), and I was left to bring up the rear in the van.

I had an arm full of supplies and when I got to the van I saw the window was rolled down but the door locked. I reached through, unlocked the car, and went to get in.

That is when the alarm went off. The horn started honking, the lights started flashing, and the game stopped so everybody could gape.

Did I mention my wife was already on the way home with the keyless remote?

I figured that if I proved that I was the real owner, the car would stop its bleating. I got in the car, turned the key...nothing. I started the car...nothing.

My mind raced. Everybody was watching me (the game had stopped). I figured the only thing to do was drive to my wife and have her hit her remote. But first I had to load the car, because I'd dropped all my stuff next to the van.

So, I hopped out, loaded the car with the collapsible chairs (that I never wanted in the first place), and backed out of the parking spot.

That is when I saw my wife. She had done what any sensible person would have done in her position; walked the other way and pretend like she didn't know me.

Not really. She had tried to turn off the remote, but was too far away, so she was now motioning for me to turn the key. Of course, I already had the van going, so that wasn't going to do any good. I drove across the parking lot, she pulled out her keys again, and finally the noise stopped.

Everybody in the bleachers cheered.

I didn't know which kid had engaged the alarm, so I had to ground all of them.


Michelle said...

That was one I wish I could have seen! And had my video camera!! HEEHEE

Alicia said...

I would have liked to see that too. I think it happens to all of us once or twice. I don't know if you remember me. I was a student in a SPCH class you substituted for Andrea. We talked about blogging...remember?

I got your name from Andrea and found your blog. That's not really stalking, is it?
I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Google Analytics. I love it and I spend hours on it. Ok. Maybe not literally hours...

I love your blog. A lot different from mine, but I still love to read your witty posts.

Thanks again!